Wednesday, October 31, 2012

six inch blocks

Yeah these remakes are just the right size.
I'm linking up with WIP  Wednesday, these blocks have been a work in progress for months and I'm so proud of myself for keeping up in two color ways!  Happy Halloween everyone and Happy Sewing, Kim

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All caught up!

I can't believe I made this block and it is off by 1/4 inch...too big this time, usually I make them 1/4 too small!  The good news is I am all caught up with this sew along after I remade this block!   Yeah for me :0).

57 pieces in this 6 inch block and I missed it by 1/4 inch!  Darn!
Happy Sewing, Kim

Monday, October 29, 2012

More six inch blocks

Thirty six  1.5 inch squares sewn together equals one six inch block.  I'm going to link up with Judy over at Design Wall Monday, come on over and see the other projects in progress :0).

Only one block away from being caught up with Randy.

Sorry the pictures are dark, we have not had sunshine for a week!  I hope everyone is safe through the storm, we are battening down the hatches here in New York.  Happy Sewing, Kim

Saturday, October 27, 2012

more 6 inch blocks

I'm only  a few blocks behind in Randy's "sow along"

Friday, October 26, 2012

doll quilt

Do you ever take an orphan block and make it into a small quilt?  This one is made from a block that is just 1/4 inch too small to be used in my 6 inch block quilt so I made it into a doll quilt, I don't think a little doll will complain about the mistake :0).  Happy Fall and Happy Sewing, Kim 

Taryn over at  Repro Quilt Lover is having a doll quilt show, I'm going to add this little one, come on over and have a look at all the adorable quilts.

A small doll quilt, heck I'm gonna call this a finish and link up with Amanda Jean over at finish it up Friday :0).

View from my sewing room

I do love Fall :0)

Meet Mary Fairgrieve

Mary started with circles

Mary telling us about her process during show and tell

Mary had another border on but wasn't happy with it removed it and added the squares within a square

Mary's beautiful smile as she shows off her medallion.

Mary is from Michigan, she arrived with some circles already made.  I love the way she used printed fabrics to compliment her work.  Mary worked really quickly making a biased bordered, sewing it on and not being happy with the way it laid, took it all off and replaced it with another border.
Nice to meet you Mary,  Happy Sewing,  Kim

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet Faye Backie

Faye worked across from Mary Fairgrieve and they came together and worked quietly down at the other end of the long room.  I would walk by and look for scraps for my floor quilt and have little chats with them.
Mary, Jackie and Linda,  (Andi in the background)

Faye's lovely hands working away

Faye building on her medallion in a little design wall space

Faye showing us her quilt during the show and tell at the end of the retreat. 
I enjoyed watching everyone's work take shape, walking down to that end of the room for a demo by Gwen and listening to them talk about quilting.  A pleasure to meet you Faye,  Happy Sewing, Kim

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

six inch blocks

Do you ever do mindless sewing when you are supposed to be working on a project?
I started sewing together scrappy 1.5 inch blocks instead of working on my "sow along"
more six inch blocks

postage stamp size blocks finishing at one inch square

This rose is still blooming in my yard 10-24-2012!
with Randy.  Okay let's see if I can get back on task.   I'm linking up at WIP Wednesday  come on over and see what everyone else is doing :0).    Happy Sewing, Kim

Gwen's Beaver Island Retreat: Meet Linda Schmitt

Linda's work in soft browns

Linda started her medallion with a lovely floral piece of fabric, she fussy cut pieces of floral and framed them for one border.

Linda is from Illinois and came to the retreat with her sister Nancy from Texas.  They really had fun together, sewing and discovering the area.  I enjoyed talking to Linda and watching her have such a good time being with her sister Nancy, it sure makes me miss my sisters.  Nice meeting you Linda,  Happy Sewing,  Kim

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beaver Island Quilt retreat: Meet Mary Kimberly

Mary during show and tell talking about her quilt ( not in the picture)

Mary beginning to add borders

Sorry this one is blurry, but you can see all the sewing Mary finished during the week.

Mary is a bird lover, well so am I, but she does amazing things like traveling to South America to help in the study of hummingbirds.  Mary brought a piece of printed fabric with state birds, given to her by her Mom, which she used for the center of her medallion and build out from there.  Mary also is a
dyer and dyed her own shirts....they were subtle and beautiful like bird eggs.  I enjoyed meeting you Mary :0).   Happy Sewing, Kim

Monday, October 22, 2012

More 6 inch blocks

underside of a castor bean leaf, all kinds of bugs were living under there :0), this habitat will be gone as soon as we get out first hard freeze.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meet Susan Eaton

Susan is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, you can see one of her quilts in Gwen's "Liberated Medallion Quilts" book on page 71.  Susan in not afraid of color!  She is a fast sewer and her ideas seemed to flow like water,  she was trying new things left and right and had several things to show by the end of the retreat.  Always a smile and a word of encouragement too.  I enjoyed meeting you Susan,
Happy Sewing,

Mary brought the printed butterfly fabric with her

Then built her borders

I believe Susan already had this star finished when she arrived too

the solid brights with the black added so much to this medallion.

more 6 inch blocks

catching up with the red block too

Saturday, October 20, 2012

more 6 inch blocks

each time I made this block I cut the fabric squares 1/4 inch to big, each of these 6 inch blocks was made twice!

Blue blocks
 Happy sewing, I'm down in North Carolina at the Beach shopping for a new home :0),  Kim

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gwen's retreat: Meet Ann VanBalen

Ann was working small, lots of tiny pieces put together in amazing ways. 

Sorry I did not get close ups of all the little inserts, slices and use of color going on in these'll have to trust me is was gorgeous to see.
I have these 3 pictures and I am not sure who they belong to, maybe Ann

I hope one of the ladies from the retreat will claim these so I can give credit where credit is due.

Ann taught me this technique of cutting and piecing to make great curves......I thought this looked like a vase, but I was informed  by the other quilteres that it looks like a woman's bottom from the back :0).....ahhhh art!

Ann is from Bozeman, Montana and is a repeat retreater with Gwen, there were many repeaters, I bet half of them were!  Ann sat at the other end of the room and we only chatted a little bit but I certainly  admire her work.  Nice to meet you Ann, Happy Sewing, Kim

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More 6 inch blocks

darting birds in red and blues
A rose after the rain in Hyde park at the Cooking Institute of American.........up here we call it the CIA.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More 6 inch blocks

I'm only a few behind on this "sow along" with Randy :0)

now done in red and blue.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Gwen letting us know what to expect at her retreat

Showed us some of her works in progress

Showed us some of her well loved medallion quilts

Gwen giving a demo

Gwen helping to spark ideas

Gwen's quilt left to be studied, handled and to inspire us.

Gwen's amazing hand quilting

embroidered label

more hand quilting

study the use of fabrics and their placement in a quilt

Beautiful applique

easy shapes are just as effective as intricate ones

the wicker room where the quilts are left for study

more close ups
a liberated star made by Gwen for Andi :0)

Gwen doing her trunk show

Gwen knows how to teach adults.  She tells about how she tries something, and how she learned it but knows many quilters have a different way to achieve the same goal.  She allows the student to come to her  with their questions and not teach something that they may already know.  Her style is pure fun, no perfection but liberation from the quilt police and overly accurate piecing and applique.  No cookie cutter quilts! Her love of sewing and teaching just follow her around like a bright aura drawing us all into her happy world of creating what pleases us.  Thank you Gwen, I enjoyed your retreat and have a new outlook on quilting :0)...Priceless :0).