Friday, September 4, 2009

shirt-stripe boxes..the layout

I'm playing around with the blocks trying to get an even flow of color across the top.
Some of these blocks are made from shirts but some are also made from my stash of shirting fabrics, the orange shirt survives uncut :0).


Cheryl Willis said...

long live the orange shirt. This top is looking good. The more I see others showing theirs off, the more I am thinking about adding to my TO-DO list for real. I made a few pratice blocks to see if I could and then used them in baby size quilts. This is growing on me. cw

Lynn Dykstra said...

I hit the Village Discount thrift this week and their striped shirts were plentiful.
Another project to start! Yours looks great.


I love this !!! What fun!
I have a special little thing I need some help with. Could you send me an email and I will tell you about it? Thanks.v