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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tile floors

On the floor  in front of a kiosk

Quilt patterns are everywhere!

this was the only baby block square I could find in the church....was it used to replace a broken HST?

borders and blocks

HST around a design

painted tiles come together to form new patterns

HST forming large squares within squares

combining blocks

An outdoor "quilt" made of tiles

Blue and white favorite!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hot Springs

Entering the thermal baths in about 8 inches of new snow

The hot water from geysers are channeled into pools with boardwalks over the top
these little candle lit cabanas were all along the way where you change clothes

the falling water makes a soothing gurgling sound as you relax in the thermal healing bath

DH enjoying his soak
As part of the "Pacific Ring of Fire", Chile's numerous active volcanoes also mean abundant geysers and hot spring.  Many of these are open for day trips and that is just what we got to do one day :0).

Monday, August 29, 2011


Woven wrap

To celebrate my recent trip to Chile I'm having a giveaway :0).  This traditional woven wrap is often worn over coats to dress them up or over a large sweater for extra warmth.  I bought this one from an open air market in Pucon in the shadow of the large Villarrica Volcano.  Just leave a comment for a chance to win
and a way for me to reach you.  Drawing on  Sept. 13 :0).  Happy Sewing, Kim 

Shopping in Pucon

Walking around town on a cold and rainy day, this "tree" is a native.
Visiting the tiny convent above town

open air shopping in town

Downtown  Pucon

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Villarrica Volcano, Chile

Lake Villarrica with the Volcano Villiarrica in the back ground
I'm just home from my first trip to South America.  The first place we stayed is Villarrica with amazing views of the Volcano of the same name.  My volcano hike was cancelled due to  too much snowfall the night before...remember it was still winter there, the country changed to summer hours while we visited.
Volcano Villarrica, Chile  9,338 feet, an active volcano with bubbling lava lake at the center that can viewed on  hikes.
Chile only has two seasons, Winter and Summer, so it was like early Spring while visiting, many of the trees and shrubs were just blooming and daffodils were in their full yellow glory.  The Villarrica's lake has shores lined by  beaches of black volcano sand.  The town was founded in 1552 by the Spanish  and is home to the Mapuche people.  There is a national park here and in the summer time is a tourist mecca, with white water rafting, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, fishing, paragliding and zip-lining excursions.  In the winter there is skiing and the volcano has an impressive snowboard park with excellent amenities.

More of the trip later.......
Happy sewing, Kim