Thursday, April 7, 2011


Have you been caught up in Spring time  birth of the Eagles around the country? 
The last egg  hatched Wednesday evening on the nest in Iowa, coming out of his baseball  sized egg like a fluff of cotton.

 In Virginia the 3 eaglets are growing so fast and eating so much the parents are working nonstop.

Meanwhile, my little Owl quilt is coming to life and just needs some time to take form.  Maybe I should get off the computer away from the eagle cams  and return to my sewing machine.  Happy Sewing, Kim


Helen said...

Your little own is so adorable. Those eyes are mesmerizing! Like how they are echoed in the border dots, too.

We have a red-tailed hawk in NYC that the NYTimes is keeping in the news. Sure beats some of the items on the news here. Let's hear more from the birds!

Jackie said...

We too have had red tailed hawks already! Love watching them. Your owl is looking just marvelous.

Gari said...

Love your owl, especially the eyes.

Tonya Ricucci said...

cute! have to admit, haven't been paying much attention to the eagles... whereas people posting kitten photos? all over it!