Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mini Quilt

Before I did full size quilts I  used to make mini quilts.  Over the holidays I made a mini quilt
following along with Temecula Quilt co.  , I could not resist :0).
They call it the "Twelve days of Christmas" and sent a clue to my email each day of the little mystery.  I used the fabric I won from Kate Spain called "Terrain" to follow along.  Each day used the number of pieces of fabric for the twelve days of Christmas in a 3.5 inch block.  So the 1st day has one piece of fabric and the 12th day has twelve pieces.  Very fun and easy, it is still online if you want to make one.
I think I'll share this over at Lily'squilts too :0)

Happy sewing,
"Twelve Days of Christmas"
Might as well use this on finish it up Friday over at Crazy mom Quilts too right?  Stop by so you can visit lots of blog with finished projects too.......why not show yours?


Nifty Quilts said...

Very pretty! Sounds like a fun project. I love your black with the brights.

Richard Healey said...

That is cool idea (not just the small but the 12 days). My family does a secret santa each year. We pick 2-3 familys and the sales after christmas we pick up all the cheep sales and tag and bag 12 presents. We have been thinking of a idea for the 12th day this year and I love this one. I will go re-look at your post but if URL for the 12 days instructions is not linked could you email them to me.

Mary said...

What a cute, cheerful little quilt. I bet you did have fun following along.

Pokey said...

It is a real cute quilt, Kim. I joined in, too, maybe I can get mine together this weekend...I have to say, the Terrain is one of my favorite lines, and it seems to be gone before I got any. I sure like how you put it to use!

Quilter Kathy said...

I've seen a few of these in blog land, but yours is the happiest one I've seen! Great job!

Elle said...

Very fun! And great use of Terrain!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Love the BLACK with the lights. ;-) very cute!