Friday, June 22, 2012

Just takes 2 blocks 28 thru 37




30  blocks (31 and 32 are more checkerboards)





                                               34 .                                                       Block 38 is more applique and that is where I am stuck...........blocks are now released up to #42 so I've got to get caught up.  I'll be back soon, Kim


Joni said...

I love #29. Does it have a name?

Lori said...

Lovely blocks!!

Sarah Martin said...

Wow, Kim, you really are keeping up with the both colorways! It's great to see the brown and pink ones now, alongside the other ones...I really like how p & b block 34 turned out, but they are all great!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Kim. You've got some great blocks going here and to see them two different ways is very interesting. I especially like numbers 29 and 34 for their complexity.
You'll have a couple of lovely quilts soon!
best, nadia

Kathie said...

your really making progress, keep going!

Béa said...

Wonderful blocks, I admire you to make it twice !

Mary said...

You are ahead of me on the Just takes 2. Funny how many projects we start from the BLOGS we go and see. We are all enablers for more UFO's. I'm doing the Blogger's BOM and wish I'd just chosen one set of fabrics so they would go together better. Oh well- scrappy will work too.