Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just takes 2 Experiment with block 27

I finally finished this block 27!  Yes the center is not perfect but I did learn a few things :0)

   This is what I did since I wrestled so hard with the first block #27.  Would I do this again.  No!
Did it make reverse applique any easier for me?  No, it really did not.

 My conclusion is I just need to practicing my applique techniques more.  I have never done reverse applique before this block but will keep trying to improve.
I made a stencil to try to make this needle turn reverse applique "easier"

What if I chalk it the diamonds to get a strong outline?

now I have the shapes ready to use so I can sew on the dryer sheets

I cut the used dryer sheet just a bit larger than the diamond

then machine sewed on the front side around the diamond

now cut out the fabric in the center

now tuck the dry sheet through the diamond to the backside, this gives me a pretty clean shape

Back side with freezer paper in place around edges for applique

I continued until I had all the diamonds sewn

the large shape is appliqued down around the wavy edges, now can I get the diamonds to lie flat?

each diamond was turned under and appliqued down

This block was done  with reverse appliqued needle turned diamonds in the took me forever.

I'm linking up over at WIP Wednesday, come on over and see what everyone is working on :0)


Barb said...

Interesting process with beautiful results! thanks for posting the steps.

Nancy said...

Every time I see the new JT2 blocks I am glad I dropped out. Kudos to you for sticking with it.

Miki Willa said...

Thank you for sharing your technique with us. I like the idea of using used dryer sheets. I always hate throwing them away, and this seems like a good way to repurpose them.

Pokey said...

Oh, my! You are amazing for even trying this one, I'm giving you an A++!

scraphappy said...

Creative approach to reverse appliqué. I usually use a freezer paper template on the top layer, but the dryer sheet would be lighter.

Linda said...

Gorgeous! I am waiting for my fabric to arrive so I can start. &:-D