Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Triangle Gatherings ...update

OOPS   where is #45?
Back to the sewing room to make it.

Anyone else caught up in Lisa Bongean's Triangle Gathering?  I'm loving it and so proud of myself for keeping up :0)

Happy Sewing, Kim


Randy D. said...

They fabulous, Kim. Your red/white is going to be so striking!
I am keeping up as well--just need to do the last two!
it's going to be a lot of blocks... I think I read 90!
How large are you making your blocks?

julieQ said...

AWESOME!!! I love the red and white combo...perfect!!

Carol said...

I'm caught up with printing out the patterns - does that count? I can't decide what fabrics to use but your red and white looks great. It's appropriate for a red and white 150th Canadian celebration so I may just copy that.