Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pat Sloan's  ' Grandma's Kitchen" sew along started this week and will be a once a week release until Nov.
Since I did her Solstice sew along in red and white I think it is time to add some color!

These tracks are 42 inches in wideth, can you see how she has  pushed herself along with her flippers?

We look for these tracks at sunrise, everyday of the week a group of turtle walkers checks for nest all along the North Carolina coastline.

This momma turtle walked all around this dune finding just the spot she wanted, she walk and worked so long that her tracks from the water to the dunes were washed away, only her exit tracks back to the water were visible.

Hopefully in 45 days or so we will gather to watch the baby turtles hatch and run to the sea.

Happy 4th of July!, Kim

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Kevin the Quilter said...

How much fun! It is so amazing how these animals work!