Friday, August 14, 2009

Pick and Choose take two

So I added the it better or worse? Well... it is done. This is how it will stay :0)
It has everything in it, the turquoise is from a shirt, the directions for how to make a baby book are in there too, you know the stuff they print on the side of a panel.......and almost everything in between ......this is truly scrappy. I even have a few pieces that Erin send me from her leftover Pick and Choose. :0)


Cheryl Willis said...

great job KIM, now I am back to think I want to do setting strips on mine. Hoping to snag a little sewing time tonight and crank out a few more.

I may end up working on my border and letting that help me decided about the middle. cw

CarlaH said...

Hi, I'm new to quilting and new to your blog. Just wanted to say yhat this quilt is lovely. I am working on my first full size quilt and hope it will turn out half as good.

larry7pokey said...

See? It's going great! And I love making a quilt with a story behind the pieces- more that just a designer name, it has a family history. Pretty clever using the directions on a printed panel. Maybe you can show us one of those pieces in a finished photo? Happy quilting! : } pokey

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

definitely not too scrappy. it looks incomplete to me with the triangles added on. that seems like an inner border and it just needs more. but if this is the size you were going for, I can understand not wanting to go any farther. you've done a great job - love the liveliness.

Roslyn said...

wow this really is scrappy. Good job!