Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pick and Choose

So when does a scrap quilt become just too scrappy and start looking like a jumbled mess.....this quilt is right on the edge of being that mess......I'm going to try adding a border of two constant colors, still following the pattern and see if that helps.


Cheryl Willis said...

It can't be too scrappy!, this is looking good, mine is sitting on a shelf- I keep changing my mind on it, I just need to finish the blocks and then consider whether to use setting strips or not. cw

larry7pokey said...

I love it! I love "too scrappy". I think you are in that place of working on a quilt that I get to also, it's the place I call, "What was I thinking?" Add your borders, finish it up, and you'll probably get back to "I love my new quilt!" : }
p.s. I am a subscriber to your nice blog, but I think this is my 1st time to say hi- I'm Pokey!

Notjustnat said...

I like it, the colors bind together very well. Adding the borders will bring everything together and I bet you would love it - Hugs Natima

Kim said...

Hi Pokey,

do you blog?......I tried to go see yours but was blocked.
thanks for your encouragement.
the quilt is coming along :0)

larry7pokey said...

Dear Kim, no blog for me, just a quilter/teacher on summer break, about ready to go back to a new group of second graders. I am on flickr, as pokeydot, and in groups with Amandajean of crazy mom quilt's nine patch and sweet Aneela of comfortstitching's half hexagons. I surely have enjoyed the inspiration of quilty blogland this summer, and hope to keep reading along through the school year. Although my projects slow way down, I am always doing some sewing project. Keep up the great work, it is afun thing to watch!! love, pokey

Nancy-Rose said...

Oh - no way is this too scrappy. There is no such thing! I love it, especially the pretty bright blue scraps.


debby said...

ooooooooooh, I love it!