Thursday, October 15, 2009

Evan and Jordan's birthday quilts

Evan is nine years old today but he will get his quilt on Sunday. I think these crumb quilts are just terrific for kids.
Jordan will be eleven next month but will get his quilt early since we will be visiting this Sunday.
Both of these quilts have scraps I used in their baby quilts...........not so long ago :0).


Cheryl Willis said...

very nice, I have not gotten bitten by the free style letter bug YET but, know it is coming! I am going to have to do something with all the kids names. Like how you used the kitchen sink in the top. I enjoy seeing projects that grow. I need to read up on the letter thing. thanks cw

Notjustnat said...

Kim, they are beautiful. What lucky children to received them. Make sure Tonya get to see them. I will make one for my DG when she move on to her proper bed. Thanks for sharing - Hugs Natima

Pokey said...

These look like a lot of work; good job, Kim! I think it is neat that you used some fabric from their baby quilts, to continue on into their next stage of life. I'm sure they will enjoy them more, and maybe not even realize why!
Your stars on the previous post look great. I just ordered a few sets of Marti Mitchell's templates, myself. Her early books were some of the first I used for her innovative directions.

SubeeSews said...

What bright happy quilts those are. Such lucky little boys. I have not been bitten by the letter bug yet.
As for teaching...this will be my third class. Not in Bonnie's league yet!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oh these are so much fun! you did a wonderful job. I wheeee.

Shirleymac said...

Great quilts. The kids will really like having their names on them.