Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Little quilts"

These two quilts were made from the same book years apart....this one hangs in my granddaughters room, it measures about 32" x 37". The patterns are by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt, and Sylvia Johnson. I've made maybe 20 of their little quilts :0).

This little quilt use to hang in my daughters room when she was a little girl. It measures 18''x25'', I made it from the book" Celebrate with Little Quilts". I just loved these little baskets. Sadly I have no idea when I made this because there is no label....but nearly 20 years ago :0).


Shirleymac said...

They're both nice but I like the baskets one. It just goes to show we should always label huh. I'm really bad with that.

Piwacket said...

I also love little quilts. I've been using Little Quilts All Through the House for's a favorite "go to" book. Love what you've done with the patterns!

Mary said...

Both quilts are really cute! I lived in Marietta before we moved to Minneapolis and the Little Quilts store was one of my local quilt shops -- I still miss it!