Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Lights with Tonya,s freestyle letters

.                             This is another Bonnie Hunter mystery.
                              I used her colors suggestions then seeing how all the quilts were looking
                              alike on her chat group I decided to liberate it a bit.  So I went to Tonya's
                              inspiring tutorials and came up with the message " Merry Christmas" complete with
                              snowflakes......or are they wrapped gifts like my friend Debby saw.
                              This quilt is an example of using scraps... bits and of this and that...shirts are included too.
                              And even though the letters are very wonky it all works to come together to a pretty
                              cute quilt.  I'm gonna back this with flannel and send it to my nephew to snuggle
                              under with his girls.


GARI said...

I really like your Christmas quilt and admire anyone who makes a Bonnie quilt (so many pieces).

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Wonderful! you definitely made it your own - woohoo!

debby said...

you mean they *weren't* supposed to be presents?