Sunday, November 22, 2009

One-zee conversion

                                       I made this little dress from a one-zee for my sweet granddaughter.
                                 It is a pattern from Vanilla House start with a one-zee
                                and make the skirt.  I found this great cupcake material and made this in
                                an afternoon.  Its wrapped and boxed up so I can mail it to Lily tomorrow.


debby said...


Quilter In Paradise said...

sooooo cute! makes me wish I had little granddaughters!

Shirleymac said...

Isn't that sweet! Great job. Wish I had a grand daughter too but at this point I'd settle for a grand son. I'm not holding out hope though. All I have is grand cats *LOL*

Notjustnat said...

Cute dress Gramma. Love the cupcake fabric - Hugs Nat

Kim B said...

This is spectacular!!