Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get a move on!

Elijah is on the way and his quilt is not done! ( My friends grandchild) Come on get a move on!
I have been spending more time at my computer than my sewing machine these days....time to get it done :0)


Crafty Chookie said...

Hi Kim..
Yes time does fly when your on the computer..There's so many great blogs out there to read...Hope you get the quilt finished on time..
Cheers :-) Michelle

Notjustnat said...

Looking great Kim. I love this pattern and have started a couple of blocks from scraps. What a lucky boy! Hugs Nat

Pokey said...

Looking good, Kim. Deadlines help, sometimes. I'm typing to you, and have one myself, so I'd better get!

Big Rig John said...

I love the scrappy look - can't wait to see it finished to see how it all looks with the sashing!

Kim D. said...

Looks like it's coming together nicely Kim. I know how it feels to spend more time on the computer, rather than sewing. It can be so addictive. Happy Stitching..