Sunday, May 9, 2010

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

I just loved this many of us can remember using this style eraser?
"This sculpture presents a giant falling eraser that has just alighted, the bristles of the brush turned upward in a graceful, dynamic gesture."  (part of the written description) .

Happy Mother's Day :0)


Big Rig John said...

Dare I admit it --- but I do remember using an eraser like this! Yikes - does that make me old?

Quiltluver said...

Yup, I remember those erasers, but I don't recall actually using one like this.

Rene' said...

Kim, scrolling through your previous posts and just had to comment on this one. Love this eraser sculpture...and yes, I will admit to using one similar to this..but much smaller! Very cool!