Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alabama here I come :0)

Just getting ready to head for the train station to stay over with Victoria before we fly out at O'dark hundred in the morning.  Then we drive into Alabama to sew with the ladies of Gees Bend!  It will be so good to Nifty again too.
Share and share a like turkey and cardinal. :0).
tulips from my garden

I love tulips and so do the deer!

just beautiful
And to meet some more great quilting ladies at the retreat.  I'll be back next week but have left some blog entries to post while I'm away.   Happy Sewing


Terri said...

How Georgia O'Kief of you! Your tulips are lovely. The turkey picture is intreguing... what is being reflected onto the ground to make it so colorful?

beth said...

Have a GREAT time!