Monday, April 9, 2012

Compass block

This is the block I want to make so instead of piecing it I thought I should try to applique it.

I'm going to use this brown check shirt and applique it on pink fabric

trace all the shapes onto freezer paper

Iron them onto the fabric, the plastic on the freezer paper sticks to the fabric

now I am going to cut out each shape with enough seams allowance to glue the fabric to the paper side of the freezer paper

here is the center circle already to glue down

the shape is all glued and ready to applique

turn the point up then fold the sides down and glue in place

sides glue in place  now to do the other end

all ready for applique

got all the shapes ready to go

One is pieced, one appliqued.  the pieced one was much easier.Now I know :0)    Happy Sewing, Kim
I'm linking up with Judy over at Design wall Monday too.


Big Rig John said...

Kim - this looks great - I think appliquéing it was the right choice - don't know that you would get the accuracy with machine piecing (you might but could drive you crazy. Hand piecing could work to. But I think I would choose appliqué over hand piecing for this one! Great work.

Courtastic said...

Wow. That looks amazing. Do you ever remove the freezer paper?

Pokey said...

It is good to learn more about our craft. I would have imagined the applique easier, so I was surprised at your findings!
Hey, Your sw-ee-et little bears came this weekend, you are so kind! I think your "made with love" Easter card is adorable, too! Thank you, Kim!

Gari said...

Well, I can't imagine doing either so I will just be satisfied admiring your work as both blocks look great.

Shirley said...

I agree Applique would be the way I'd do it. Trying to piece it, for me, it would end up looking horrible. I LOVE the red and white one. I know it's part of aanother quilt you posted but I'd love to make a quilt just with those blocks. Great job.

Barb said...

interesting - thanks for sharing the process