Friday, May 11, 2012

Just takes 2 progress

Three diamonds down and five to go :0)

Peony buds with busy ants

Spring time flowers, pink and white bleeding hearts.


Notjustnat said...

I guess summer is there now. Love the Peony flowers, but I have never grow them myself. Have a great Mother's Day Kim - Hugs Nat

Sarah Martin said...

Hey Kim! All your blocks are looking so great and I love how your cathedral stars look on point too! That must have been a fun fun workshop. Too bad for me, Bonnie never comes to Northern California!

Sarah Martin said...

What about those ants on the peonies? Will they harm the flowers? I love peonies! Can't wait to see what colors you have when they are open...Those ants better not mess them up!

Barb said...

great blocks. Love the red and white applique!
I have white BH too aren't they elegant? I have ants too which means flowers are on the way - yea!