Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Celtic Solstice clues one through five

One 3.5 inch block from each clue 1-5.

four of each block

 A few possible blocks from clues so far

I'm making progress on my  Bonnie Hunter  Celtic Solstice mystery but slowing down while my daughter is visiting.  Happy New Year!  Happy Sewing,


Gari in AL said...

Already your CS is looking so different from mine: I love how color and value makes such a difference in the same pattern. I am going VERY slowly this year but I think we are going to have very beautiful quilts in the end.

joe tulips said...

You were so close...I am so happy with the reveal. I made half the blocks then set them aside. Working on other stuff while still on Christmas vacation. I think this is my favorite mystery so far!

Pokey said...

I sure like your blocks, Kim! I only had time to print this one out as Bonnie gave them, but I think I'll be trying to make it. Truthfully, the colors just didn't inspire me, but seeing people's blocks are a wonderful motivator ~