Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Projects

Making progress on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice!
Update : 2-2-2014 Bonnie has a link up so you can see some finished Celtic Solstice quilts.

25 of these "54- 40 or fight"star blocks are made and most of the other blocks are done too, now I just have to start assembling them into the quilt top.
I am still debating whether or not to make this larger into a queen size quilt for my bed or just calling it a day and moving onto the next project :0)  time will tell.   Happy Sewing, Kim

This is too good not to share, Barb has posted fabulous photo's from a Gwen Marston show along with a presentation she gave about her work.  Just click on Barb and you will be taken to her blog :0)


julieQ said...

The colors you have chosen are gorgeous!! It will be an amazing quilt, whichever size you decide.

Pokey said...

Very cool! So, do you want to keep making these? That is the question. It will be great at whatever size you go for ~

Barb said...

looks great. Your piecing is excellent and I like your colors

Nat Palaskas said...

I really like the gold and red colors together. Beautiful blocks! Hugs

Mary said...

great colors. The darker greens really show up well in the pattern.

TLC said...

Love your colors!!! I'm hopeful that your state of emergency is a state of warmth now.