Monday, December 7, 2009

back of clue #3 to show 2 inch strip in center

                                The center strip is cut from a 2inch strip every 2.5 inches on a 45 degree angle.
                                Happy sewing to you all at quiltville chat :0).  Our mystery is coming along...I think we
                                about half way through getting our clues for Bonnie's mystery.
                                This picture is showing that the strip is really 2 inches wide before sewing the triangles .


Cheryl Willis said...

I have changed my mind several time already on the fabric to use. I am hoping enough quilters get theirs done that I can 'think I did it too' and not have to start for real. Last night I pulled scraps of RW&B with a gold accent. I also have Christmas colors and a non-scrappy set, too many decesions to make. cw

Eleanor S said...

Just a fantastic "tutorial" on cutting those diamonds!! I'm not even really started on the Mystery, but gave this unit a try with your instructions - spot on!!! Now if only I had the right sized template....
And even though I never seem to take the time to comment, you have done some of the most striking quilts - bravo!

Kim said...

Thanks Eleanor :0)
I always try to go to your blog to answer you and find you don't have one.
That template is from Marti Michell B
group. I high recommend buying A and B and the book that goes with them ( Quilt Basket discounts them) and you can make every single mystery Bonnie has done!
And with the dog ears cut off on the clue # 3 the triangle and the diamond piece butt up to each other just perfectly.

Happy Sewing