Friday, October 26, 2012

doll quilt

Do you ever take an orphan block and make it into a small quilt?  This one is made from a block that is just 1/4 inch too small to be used in my 6 inch block quilt so I made it into a doll quilt, I don't think a little doll will complain about the mistake :0).  Happy Fall and Happy Sewing, Kim 

Taryn over at  Repro Quilt Lover is having a doll quilt show, I'm going to add this little one, come on over and have a look at all the adorable quilts.

A small doll quilt, heck I'm gonna call this a finish and link up with Amanda Jean over at finish it up Friday :0).

View from my sewing room

I do love Fall :0)


Foster said...

Pretty doll quilt. I love red! And your photos of leaves are beautiful also!

Valerie said...

I do this all the time - but what a great block to turn into a mini! I experiment a lot so my orphan pile is...bigger than it should be. LOL* Can you say - MUG RUGS!!! ;)

Barb said...

yes! its my favorite starting point for a doll quilt -
very cute!!

Lori said...

Your red and white little quilt is adorable! Fantastic fabric!!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Love the fabric you used to border your orphan block. Great idea and I love two color quilts

audrey said...

Great idea! Very sweet quilt.

Debra Anger said...

i love making mistakes especially when they turn out like this! I love this mini, I love your fabric!!