Friday, October 19, 2012

Gwen's retreat: Meet Ann VanBalen

Ann was working small, lots of tiny pieces put together in amazing ways. 

Sorry I did not get close ups of all the little inserts, slices and use of color going on in these'll have to trust me is was gorgeous to see.
I have these 3 pictures and I am not sure who they belong to, maybe Ann

I hope one of the ladies from the retreat will claim these so I can give credit where credit is due.

Ann taught me this technique of cutting and piecing to make great curves......I thought this looked like a vase, but I was informed  by the other quilteres that it looks like a woman's bottom from the back :0).....ahhhh art!

Ann is from Bozeman, Montana and is a repeat retreater with Gwen, there were many repeaters, I bet half of them were!  Ann sat at the other end of the room and we only chatted a little bit but I certainly  admire her work.  Nice to meet you Ann, Happy Sewing, Kim

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Kat said...

So many tiny pieces. They're beautiful! How big are the blocks? I just saw curves on the last one but of course, now all I can see is a rear side ;-).