Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Gwen letting us know what to expect at her retreat

Showed us some of her works in progress

Showed us some of her well loved medallion quilts

Gwen giving a demo

Gwen helping to spark ideas

Gwen's quilt left to be studied, handled and to inspire us.

Gwen's amazing hand quilting

embroidered label

more hand quilting

study the use of fabrics and their placement in a quilt

Beautiful applique

easy shapes are just as effective as intricate ones

the wicker room where the quilts are left for study

more close ups
a liberated star made by Gwen for Andi :0)

Gwen doing her trunk show

Gwen knows how to teach adults.  She tells about how she tries something, and how she learned it but knows many quilters have a different way to achieve the same goal.  She allows the student to come to her  with their questions and not teach something that they may already know.  Her style is pure fun, no perfection but liberation from the quilt police and overly accurate piecing and applique.  No cookie cutter quilts! Her love of sewing and teaching just follow her around like a bright aura drawing us all into her happy world of creating what pleases us.  Thank you Gwen, I enjoyed your retreat and have a new outlook on quilting :0)...Priceless :0).


Barb said...

Oh My! Isn't it inspiring to be with Gwen! I loved seeing her in april, but I really wish I had be able to go to her retreat.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
Loved seeing all the photos

Marj said...

I have enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your retreat experience. Looks like spending time with Gwen is quite a life changing experience. Thank you for sharing.

Nifty Quilts said...

You are so right. Gwen is the most inspirational teacher I know. She takes the stress out of quilt-making. Her constant wit and light-hearted character make a retreat with her really refreshing.

Tonya Ricucci said...

wonderful post and oh my the quilts!